follow link Channeled by Sulara – June 18th, 2018

cialis generico 5 mg italia Blessings! And we are honored as well to work with you and to have this opportunity to use your voice for our message this day. For things are moving quickly these days, and more and more humans are opening their hearts to the realization that all of life is One, that we and all the other creatures and life upon the Earth are connected by the Love which we are as creations of Love by our Mother-Father God.

source url We dolphins and the whales are intelligent beings who have chosen these forms to serve Mother Earth and all of life upon her. As your mate Genesis has just been told and shared with you, our brothers and sisters the whales breach in order to cleanse and clear energies.

There has been much discussion and projection concerning the purpose of the breaching of the whales. And while they experience this activity with great joy, it is a service and part of their purpose to collect errant energies through the medium of Grandmother Ocean and to energetically release, cleanse, and balance these energies through this activity.

This takes a very powerful effort by our brothers and sisters the whales, as you can imagine when considering their size and weight. And yet, they do this with great joy and more ease than you may imagine as a part of the process of transmuting energies that have been released into Grandmother Ocean by humanity.

We as well, through those that you know as the spinner dolphins, assist in this clearing, cleansing, and transmutation. We also perform this activity with great joy and dedication as a part of our service to Grandmother Ocean, all of life, humanity, and the entire planet. We have the ability to transform errant energies, energies that are not of Love and Light, neutralizing them so that there is a ritual cleansing to assist on a regular basis, transforming these errant energies into energies of neutrality.

Mother Earth, with Pele’s assistance, cleanses and clears thought forms that may be thought of as “negative,” which create dis-ease and imbalance within the body of the Mother when these energies reach a point that cannot be balanced by her small movements and adjustments. Volcanoes erupt to aid in the rebalancing and releasing of these energies, resulting in a state of greater balance, ease, and good health for the planet.

We, the dolphins along with the whales, serve in much the same way through the medium of water rather than fire, as Pele does. In this way, there is continual releasing and clearing of errant energies to assist in maintaining a state of balance and ease upon the planet. Water, fire, air, and earth… all the elements assist in transforming and transmuting energies that have become saturated with energies that are not from Love and Light and have reached a state of dis-ease which does not support life.

Your “disasters” – storms, hurricanes, typhoons, floods, tornadoes, floods, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, etc., are all blessings in disguise which are necessary for clearing and cleansing, balancing and healing to all of life. Yes, some do lose their lives during these events, but these opportunities for departure have been known and agreed to by those spirits as they have chosen to enter into the Earth and have seen and chosen the opportunities for their departure and return to spirit form.

From the larger perspective, these events are a blessing to all of life and to the planet as well, as they have been necessary for the balance and healing of those areas that have become saturated with energies that do not serve life and do not serve Mother Earth.

We are so grateful to be able to bring this information through in this way, as it is our desire to assist in humankind’s understanding of the Oneness of all of life, and how the elements and all forms of life cooperate and serve each other in unity.

This is the time of what may be termed “The Great Cleansing” in preparation for The Great Awakening, when humans are offered the opportunity to create a New World based upon Love, Peace, Joy, Harmony, and Cooperation. It is important as well that the humans energetically and physically cleanse themselves regularly to maintain balance and ease and good health. Otherwise, the unhealthy energies build up and manifest in illness and disease. The planet as well cleanses herself with the assistance of the elements to maintain a healthy body that supports life upon her.

Due to the disrespect and lack of care for Mother Earth, she as well as the energies that are not in alignment with Love within the humans must experience a “housecleaning” in order to provide a clean, healthy, and happy home in which to live. All is in order with this time of The Great Cleansing as a part of the preparation for the Great Awakening and the New World, where Love is the foundation. Love cannot exist with ease in a home that is dis-eased. Thus the elements and creatures that are in service along with us, the dolphins and the whales, are all doing our part to create a healthier, happier planet, a New World.

You as well, our brothers and sisters upon Mother Earth, may assist by honoring and respecting Mother Earth and all of life upon her, and by treating your own bodies with loving care by being discerning about everything that you ingest and by keeping your thoughts and words and actions filled with Love.

Joy, Love, Laughter, and Gratitude are the keys for keeping one’s mind, body, spirit, and emotions in a state of balance and ease, comfort, and joy. Thank you for doing your part in The Great Cleansing in preparation for the Great Awakening and the New World, where Love rules.

It has been an honor and a joy to bring these perspectives to those with open hearts and minds and to those who are claiming the Love and the Oneness of all of life. Anchor yourselves in the Peace and the Love that are in your hearts as this clearing continues, and know that it all serves good purpose, and that it is necessary and a blessing and is in divine order.

SACRED SONG OF THE DOLPHIN I was recently asked by the spirit of the
dolphins to serve as their voice by channeling their messages.
I call upon the 

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I am honored to 

go to link serve as their voice upon Mother Earth.

canadian drug companies for viagra Hey Ho See, We are One.
see url Hey Ho Sha, We are Love.

enter Aloha, Sulara


peut on acheter du viagra a la pharmacie sans ordonnance type Channeled by Sulara – April 19th, 2018

Blessings, dear Sister of the Light. We thank you for your willingness to serve as our voice, to bring our messages of Love and Hope to humankind. We are honored as well to be working together with you in this joint venture, this adventure in connection between us and humankind.

Many of you reading or hearing these words are aware already that all of life upon Mother Earth is One, created by Mother-Father God in Love. All of life has mana, the life force of the Creator. Therefore, we are all brothers and sisters created by All That Is, whether or not we are human or in another form of energy. For all of life is energy, created with the energy of Love. Thus we are all connected by the Creator’s light. We are all living, we are all spirit as part of the Creator’s spirit of Love.

Our desire is to assist in making as many humans as possible aware of this connection, this Oneness, this Love which we are all a part of. For this is a turning point in life upon the planet, our beloved Mother Earth. And as one realizes that all of life is connected and One with every other form of life, the honor and the respect that every form of life deserves and requests can be realized on a much grander scale.

As humans realize that all forms of life have consciousness, the understanding that we are all One, created in Love and very much alive and blessed with the precious gift of life by the Creator, there is the opportunity for a whole new relationship between humankind and all forms of life. For once one understands the Oneness and connection between all forms of life, there can be born through this understanding a new respect for life in all of its myriad forms.

When this new understanding is attained, humankind will have the opportunity to treat all of life with Love, as they desire to be treated. When humankind understands that all of life has spirit and consciousness, their eyes and hearts will be opened and a relationship based upon honoring and respecting all forms of life will lead to quite a different reality based upon mutual cooperation, respect, unity, compassion, and Love.

There is a growing number of humans who now understand and believe that particularly we, the dolphins and the whales as well, are sentient beings, intelligent beyond what humans have regarded as possible in past, and the number of humans who believe that we may have intelligence beyond their own comprehension is growing.

We, the dolphins and the whales in particular, are guardians of this planet Mother Earth, guardians who have offered of our own free will to bring the awareness of love, joy, playfulness, peace, cooperation, and unity to the consciousness of humankind.

So many are delighted to be in our presence, even those who do not understand our Oneness and the Oneness of all forms of life upon the Earth. Their hearts leap as we make our heart connection of Love with them. Their hearts leap as we reach out in peace and goodwill as life forms that are meant to work together with humans for the good of the planet and all of life in all realms.

The joy that you humans feel at seeing a whale breach awakens the memory of the Oneness of all of life upon the planet. Humans long for this connection, long to become consciously aware of the Love that we all share as part of the Creator, given the gift of life, intelligence, free will, and co-creation.

Many who encounter us in the wild, as well as in captivity, are touched by our Love. They don’t understand why they are so touched, why they are so excited. Our presence and the connection we make awaken the truth of the Oneness of all of life which has been forgotten for so long. We awaken the Creator’s gifts of Love, joy, peace, hopefulness, and compassion within the hearts of man and womankind.

We are the guardians of the planet. We have chosen to reawaken the truth of the Love and Oneness we all share as expressions of the Love and mana, life force, of All That Is. This work which you have so lovingly accepted will help to bring our voice of truth to reawaken the truth within the hearts of humankind.

Once there is the realization of the Oneness of all of life, and that there is spirit in all of creation and all of its creatures and all forms of life, there will be born an understanding that as one honors, loves, and respects all of life, so shall they be honored, respected, and loved in the way that they desire. And this love, this connection will lead to treating all of life with loving kindness, compassion, and care. Humans will remember to treat all of life as they wish to be treated, with love, honor, and respect, and to work together in unity and cooperation for the good of Mother Earth and all of life upon her.

Today we ask that all reading or hearing these words treat each other with Love and open their hearts to our message of Oneness, cooperation, and unity and our encouragement to live a life of joy… to understand the value of laughter and playfulness and to connect with the light within their hearts, to move through life in a light-hearted way, free of fear.

There are waves of energy being brought into the Earth now, assisting humans in releasing the fear that has driven much, if not most, of their behavior in life. These energies are assisting in clearing out emotions and experiences based upon fear and a lack of self-love and self-respect. If one does not treat themselves with love and respect, they are not likely to treat others and all of life with love and respect. And thus the cruelty and violence continue as one does not connect with the Love that they are as a child of God.

These energies are here now, meant to touch and open hearts, to assist in this remembrance of your divine heritage as children of God. These waves of Light, Love, and Peace are opening the way to the Great Awakening, when all who so choose may live in the peace and harmony for which they long, in a loving relationship with all of life upon the Earth.

Awakening to the Love and Oneness within your own hearts and the connection to all of life is the opportunity which this Great Awakening brings to all of life.

We, the dolphins, are the ambassadors of Love who have chosen to bring the truth and touch the hearts of all who are willing to open their hearts to the truth of the Love that they are and to the truth of the Oneness of all of life as sparks of the Creator. Thank you for giving voice to our Love, for bringing our message of Oneness, hope, cooperation, unity, and love and respect for self and for all of life as a part of the heart of the Creator.

We have much to share as the consciousness of humanity as a part of the heart of the Creator is reawakened and a mass healing is experienced by those who so choose to remember who they truly are.

We come in Love. We come in service. We come in joy and ask you to celebrate your lives, to join together to laugh together and play together in the lightheartedness of those who know themselves to be children of God, brothers and sisters in Love with themselves, each other, and all of life.